navigation Language

  • Hi all

    Apologies my post in in English as I don´t speak German

    I am a Spanish user that recently acquired a 01.

    I am quite happy with it as a car, but the app and the system can definitively improve.

    My question is regarding what3words navigation system.

    When clicking the microphone in the navigation imput test, it only recognizes english, although the rest of the car is in Spanish

    I have contacted Lynk&co support and they don´t know how to set it.

    Do you nkow if it should be automatic or can it be set anypart of the menu?

    Ihave already restarted the system back to original settings.

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi

    Thanks for your comment. Lets see if we can have some light to the problem.

    There are two close ideas here:

    1. What languajes are supported by the application manufacturer ( what3 words supported languages) ?. There are around 40 languages. You can check here :…or-voice-entry-in-the-app . You will see that spanish and many other languages are supported.
    2. What languages have been implemented into the Model one : I guess only english or maybe German and perhaps you were referring to this with your answer.

    The reality is that the app supports a lot of languages. A different story is what has Lynk&co implemented in our cars

    Hope is clearer now.

    Thanks again :)